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Situated in the eastern coast of India, Orissa is one of the most beautiful states in India. With its Beautiful sandy beaches, fabulous wild life, aborigine style of living of more than 62 tribal communities, it is still relatively virgin and unexplored by the western travellers. The tribal people express their cultural identity and distinctiveness in their social organization, language, rituals and festivals and also in their dress, ornaments, art and craft. The lure of this state is so strong that you would like to come here again and again through out your lives. Come lets explore Orissa Tribal village backpacking tour

Day 01: Bhubaneshwar| Tribal village backpacking tour
Early morning transfer to airport. Flight to Bhubaneshwar. Day tour of the main temples Nagara style organized around the sacred lake, which make the reputation of city. This former capital of the kingdom of Kalinga had once 7000 temples built between the Eighth and the thirteenth centuries. Among the older you will discover some real gems like Parasumeshwara, The Mukteshwar, the Bindu Sagar and Rajarani. Overnight.

Day 02: Bhubaneshwar / Konarak / Puri Chandrabhaga | Tribal village backpacking tour
On the road to Konarak (about 1:40), enroute visit Rock cut Edicts of Ashoka at Dhauli. Applique craft at Pipli village & discovered the famous shrine dedicated to the Sun God, Surya at Konark. Delicacy and profusion of sculptures make it one of the finest tributes to the Hindu religious faith. Building on impressive size, it represents the sun chariot pulled by horses.On the way to Puri (45 minutes), stop at the fishing village of Chandrabhaga. Arrive at Puri, a town resort renowned for its religious festivals, one of the holy cities of India dedicated to Vishnu. If the temple Jagannath himself is forbidden to non Hindus, the surrounding area is a bustling activity by the presence a constant crowd of pilgrims and a multitude of small shops offering objects of worship.Stroll through the bazaar and on the beach. Overnight

Day 03: In & around Puri | Tribal village backpacking tour
Post breakfast visit holy city and photography of the Grand road full of colourful devotees. Also visit Pottery village and fishiermen activities at the beach. Overnight

Day 04: Puri / Raghurajur / Heerapur / Bhubaneswar | Tribal village backpacking tour
On the way back to Bhubaneswar, stops Raghurajur whose homes are covered with exquisite frescoes naive murals, at Heerapur for his tantric temples of the ninth century. Arrival in the capital of Orissa, the visit continued temples as time permits. Overnight

Day 05 : Bhubaneswar / Baliguda | Tribal village backpacking tour
Way to Baliguda through valleys covered with forests of sal. Stop at Itamati known for its weaving crafts, then in the Kondh villages along the way. Nearly Baliguda, discover Kutia Kondh tribe.india village tribal tour, tribal village backpacking tour Kondh tribes were made famous by their rituals human sacrifice replaced today by the sacrifice of buffaloes. You can discover the villages inhabited by these tribes by soft walk/hiking. Overnight at Hotel Santosh Bhawan

Day 06: Baliguda / Barkhamba / Baliguda (Must be Monday) | Tribal village backpacking tour
Day devoted to a walk through other Kondh villages kutia, in the region of Barkhamba where a walk will take you from hamlet to hamlet for best photography.Overnight at Hotel Santosh Bhawan

Day 07: Baliguda / Matrugaon / Kothagarh / Rayagada | Tribal village backpacking tour
Early morning trek to the small villages kutia Kondh tatto to discover life in the early morning photography (Tumudibandh and Matrugaon). Continued until Kothagarh for the weekly market kutia Kondh tribes, which takes place at midday. Later departure to Rayagada. Bissamcuttack you stop at along the way, for visit craft workshops. Overnight

Day 08: Rayagada / Niyamgiri Hills / Chatikona / Koraput / Jeypore (Must be Thursday)
Early morning walk in the hills of Niyamagiri, to see the tribes Dongaria way to the market Weekly Chatikona. You see also tribal members Desi Kondh. Free time to stroll Chatikona in the market. Return to Rayagada for lunch, then drive to Jeypore. Stop at Laxmipur to visit Punjapai and Phulkona, then stop in the afternoon at Koraput, where you enjoy the festivities last Parab festival. Overnight

Day 09: Andekeli / Machkund River / Lampatput Gutapada / Jeypore (Must be Friday)
Excursion to Ankadeli which is held every Thursday a market to which the Bonda go with the dress code is the most emblematic of Orissa and the Gadaba, Didayi and the Paraja and Mali. Women wear a loincloth. Bondas have their heads shaved and their chest full of pearl necklaces are superimposed, themselves enhanced with tubular silver necklaces. Continuing up the river Machkund (depending on time available) for a walk through the hamlets of Gadaba.

Recognition in which women are with their heavy rings hanging from the ears. The Gadaba be one of the oldest ethnic groups in the country whose origins dated at the time of Ramayana. They love music and dance. Stop Gutapada village inhabited by tribes Gadaba. Dhemsa dance can be organized at their village. Overnight

Day 10: Jeypore / Kunduli / Nandapur / Jeyopore | Tribal village backpacking tour
Excursion to market Kundali, the largest market in the region where you will find india village tribal tour, tribal village backpacking tourtwo types of tribal Paraja: Sana and the Bada Poraj. The Poraj were tribal enthroning the kings of Jaipur. Trekking in the beautiful valleys of Nandapur, discovery of Kondh villages. Stop in Koraput, village potters. You will visit the temple of Jagannath, open to practitioners of all religions in accordance with tribal customs. Overnight

Day 11: Jeyopore / Dhuruwa / Gupteswar / Silpadar / Baligaon | Tribal village backpacking tour
Gupteswar excursion and visit the village of Dhuruwa tribe whose day is Saturday. Visit the caves dedicated to Shiva, located atop a hill. Continued until the cattle market Baligaon. Overnight

Day 12: Jeypore / Deomali / Jeyopore | Tribal village backpacking tour
Today you leave your hotel for the area Deomali, a highest mountain in Odisha 1781 Mtrs from the sea level. In the villages of the semi-mountainous area, visiting villages preserved very primitive Kui Kondh. Overnight

Day 13: Jeyopore / Vishakhaptnam | Tribal village backpacking tour
Road to Vizag, 'Vishakaptnam'. On the way visit Salur Velley and Kundili (villages Poroj and Mali). Overnight

Day 14: Departure transfer to the Train Station for onward journey

Note : India has more villages than you can imagine. India is made up of mostly villages. The above mentioned is most popular tribal village backpacking tour. Contact our nomads for more options of India village backpacking tours.